U Albany STEP Summer Institute visits PRI

Science & Technology Entry Program (STEP)
Hosted by U Albany, this program prepares historically underrepresented and or economically disadvantaged secondary school students to acquire the aptitude and skills necessary to pursue post secondary degree programs that lead to professional careers.

🔬Our students:
Mays Othman- grade 12-biology/medicine
Mercy Akande- grade 12- medicine
SaiYe Sao-grade 12- undecided
Alma Kolakji- grade 11- chemistry

The PRI team had the pleasure of these four students for the month of July. They were oriented in biology/chemistry (medicinal and analytical chemistry) and how different scientific disciplines are fully integrated toward discovery and development of novel therapies.
These students had hands on experience with different techniques (cell culture, analytical chemistry and thrombosis research). WE at PRI, thank the U Albany Step Summer Institute for including us in this program once again this year.

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