Drug Development

PRI focuses on stability testing and drug formulation leading to clinical trials, with the potential of discovering new strategies to treat current and emerging disease states.

Stability Testing

  • In vitro evaluation of stability and release properties for formulations

Formulation and Drug Delivery

  • Reformulation of existing drugs to improve their PK/PD (efficacy) and safety
  • Formulation to enhance drug solubility, improve bioavailability, enhance drug stability, target tissue delivery, and treat specific patient populations


  • Develop targeted drug delivery using nanotechnology and nanoformulations to target specific organ(s) with a payload of active drug to be delivered to site of action

Clinical Monitoring – PK/PD (Phase I – Phase IV)

  • Develop and validate analytical biomarkers and bioassays for PK/PD monitoring


  • Developed and patented a novel device for the removal of chemotherapy or other agent(s) after its local delivery to the target organ