Antidiabetic effects of novel ellagic acid nanoformulation: Insulin-secreting and anti apoptosis effects

Steve Harakeh, Mohammed Almuhayawi, Soad Al Jaouni, Saad Almasaudi, Saber Hassan, Turki Al Amri, Najiah Azhar, Elham Abd-Allah, Soad Ali, Nagla El-Shitany, Shaker A. Mousa


Antioxidants are one of the effective treatment lines in managing type 2 diabetes (typ2diab) and its complications. Nanoformulations could help in ameliorating the oral bioavailability and biocompatibility properties.

Ellagic acid (Ella) is a natural antioxidant compound commonly present in fruits. This study examined the effect of Ella nanoparticles (Ella NPs) alone and combined with metformin, the standard antidiabetic drug, on controlling blood glucose in typ2diab.

The results of this study confirmed that Ella could manage yp2diab by lowering glucose and lipid levels and improving body weight with the superiority of Ella NPs.

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