Taher A. Salaheldin Ali, Ph.D.


  • 2009
    Ph.D., Photobiology & photochemistry (Nanotechnology), double channel program between Georgia Tech., Atlanta, United States of America and National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES), Cairo University, Egypt.
  • 2005
    M.Sc., MSc in Photobiology & photochemistry, National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES), Cairo University, Egypt.
  • 1997
    Diploma in Environmental and Photochemical laser Applications, National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES), Cairo University. Egypt.
  • 1995
    B.Sc., Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt.


  • Bio-medical application of nanotechnology:
    1- Cancer biology
    – Gold Nanomaterials for diagnosis and cancer therapy (in vitro & in vivo)
    – Smart Drug delivery & targeting
    – Nano-genetic therapy for cancer inhibition
    – 3 D tissues culture and modeling
    2- Virology and vaccination
    – Non-viral targeting biocompatible nano vehicles (such as gelatin nanoparticles) for viral vaccination
    – Antiviral Nanotechnological approaches
    3- Microbiology
    – Anti-microbial nanomaterial modeling
    – Biological nanomaterials for inhibition of microbial growth
    – PCR enhanced nanomaterials
    4- Nanomedcine
    – Development of theranostic nanomaterials for simultaneous diseases therapy and diagnosis
    – Chronic disease control and mangent nano-modeling such as Diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer, …etc.
    5- Bionanotechnology applications
    – Food Nanotechnology
    – Nano-biosensors for microbial and viral detection
    6- Environmental applications
    – Agri-nanotechnology (Nano-pesticides, Nano-fertilizers)
    – Water treatment and Nano-filtration systems
    – Nano-Catalysis and Energy
Selected Publications
  • 2019
    Dhruba J. Bharali, Taher A. Salaheldin, Shaker A. Mousa. Nano-targeted Delivery with Multi-modal Functions in the Management of Prostate Cancer, accepted manuscript Future Oncology February 1st, 2020
    Akmal A. El-Ghor, Heba Bassiony, Taher A. Salaheldin, Salwa Sabet, Mona M. Mohamed. Tissue distribution of magnetite nanoparticles and their histopathological and genotoxic effects on Ehrlich solid carcinoma. Submitted to International journal of nanomedicine, December. 2019.
    Azab, Dina EH, Yehia A. Heikal, Taher A. Salaheldin, Amal A. Hassan, and Ferial M. Abu-Salem. “Nano Formulated Soy Proteins for Improvement of Beef Burgers Quality.” Egyptian Journal of Chemistry 62, no. 7 (2019): 1167-1184.
    Taher A. Salaheldin, Samah A Loutfy , Marwa A Ramadan, Tareq Youssef , Shaker A. Mousa. IR enhanced photo thermal therapeutic effect of Graphene Magnetite nanocomposite on human liver cancer cell model (HepG2). International journal of nanomedicine. June, 2019.
    Salaheldin TA, Ghani AA, AboZied AE-RT, Ali AI. Synthesis, structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 nanoparticles. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 2019;136(2):621-7
    TA Salaheldin, GA El-Chaghaby, MA El-Sherbiny, Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Portulacaria afra plant extract: characterization and evaluation of its antibacterial, anticancer activities, Novel Research in Microbiology Journal. (2019) 3 (1), 215-222.
    N Marei, AHM Elwahy, TA Salah, Y El Sherif, EA El-Samie, Enhanced antibacterial activity of Egyptian local insects’ chitosan-based nanoparticles loaded with ciprofloxacin-HCl, International journal of biological macromolecules. 2019; 126, 262-272.
  • 8.
  • HM Saleh, FA El-Saied, TA Salaheldin, AA Hezo. Influence of severe climatic variability on the structural, mechanical and chemical stability of cement kiln dust-slag-nanosilica composite used for radwaste solidification. Construction and Building Materials. 2019; 218, 556-567
  • 2018
    Hosam M. Saleh, Fathy A. El-Saied, Taher A. Salaheldin, Aya A. Hezo. Macro- and nanomaterials for improvement of mechanical and physical properties of cement kiln dust-based composite materials. Journal of Cleaner Production Volume 204, 10 December 2018, Pages 532-54.
    Taher A. Salaheldin, A. A. Ghani, Abd El-Rahman T. AboZied, Ahmed I. Ali. Synthesis, structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3. nanoparticles. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, August, 2018.
    Nahla S. Hassan, Taher A. Salah El Din, Mohamed H. Hendawey, Ibrahim H. Borai, Asmaa A. Mahdi.” Magnetite and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Alleviated Heat Stress in Wheat Plants”, Current Nanomaterials, Volume 3 , Issue 1 , 2018.
    DOI : 10.2174/2405461503666180619160923
    Hisham Ali Elshoky, Taher A. Salaheldin, Maha Ali, Mohamed H. Gaber. ” Ascorbic acid prevents cellular uptake and improves biocompatibility of chitosan nanoparticles”. Int J Biol Macromol. 2018 Aug;115:358-366.
    Hamdy ME, Del Carlo M, Hussein HA, Salah TA, El-Deeb AH, Emara MM, Pezzoni G, Compagnone D. “Development of Gold Nanoparticles Biosensor for Ultrasensitive Diagnosis of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus” J Nanobiotechnology. 2018 May 11; 16(1):48. doi: 10.1186/s12951-018-0374-x.
    Mohamed A. Hassan, Ahmad M. Mohammad, Taher A. Salaheldin, Bahgat E. El-Anadouli. “A promising hydroxyapatite/graphene hybrid nanocomposite for methylene blue dye’s removal in wastewater treatment”, Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 13(2018)8222-8240. doi: 10.20964/2018.08.77
    Heba ElSayed ElZorkany, Haidan M. El-Shorbagy, Khaled Yehia Farroh, Tareq Youssef, Salwa Sabet, Taher A. Salaheldin, “Monitoring the cellular uptake of Silica-Coated CdSe/ZnS quantum dots by Time lapse Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy”, Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science Vol. 8(03), pp. 001-008, March, 2018.
    Taher A. Salaheldin, Salwa F. Sabet, Marina A. George, Haidan M. El-Shorbagy , Khaled Y. Farroh, Heba Bassiony, Tareq Youssef, Gelatin nanoparticle vehicles for hepatitis C virus recombinant NS2 gene enhanced vaccine delivery, Plos one , July, 2017.
    Samah loutfy,Taher A. Salahedin, Marwa A Ramadan, Khaled Y Farroh, Zeinab F Abdallah, Tareq Youssef Abd-Eloahed. Characterization and Cytotoxic Evaluation of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets: In Vitro Liver Cancer Model, Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, (2017),1;18(4):955-961.
    Abdelmoniem AM, Salaheldin TA, Abdelhamid IA, Elwahy AH. New Bis (dihydropyridine‐3, 5‐dicarbonitrile) Derivatives: Green Synthesis and Cytotoxic Activity Evaluation. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry. 2017;54(5):2670-7
    Mohamed M. Marwah, Fouad A. Shereen, A. Elshoky Hisham, Mohammed M. Gina,Taher A. Salaheldin. Antibacterial effect of gold nanoparticles against Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis. International Journal of Veterinary Science and Medicine Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2017, Pages 23–29.
    Ahmed M. El-Nahas, Taher A. Salaheldin, Tamer Zaki, Heba H. El-Maghrabi, Somia M. Morsy, Nageh K. Allam, Asmaa M. Marie. Functionalized cellulose-magnetite nanocomposite catalysts for efficient biodiesel production. Chemical Engineering Journal, 322 (2017), 167-180.
    Nabil A. El-Yamany, Faten. F. Mohamed, Taher A. Salaheldin, Amany A. Tohamy, Walaa N. Abd El-Mohsen, Adel S. Amin. Graphene oxide nanosheets induced genotoxicity and pulmonary injury in mice. Exp Toxicol Pathol. 2017 Jul 5;69(6):383-392.
    Shereen S. El Shaer, Taher A. Salaheldin, Nashwa M. Saied, Sally M. Abdelazim. In vivo ameliorative effect of cerium oxide nanoparticles in isoproterenol-induced cardiac toxicity. Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology, 2017 Sep 5;69(7):435-441.
    Mahmoud Hossam, Armanious Wagih , Elenbawy Mona, Elhariri Mahmoud , Elhelw Rehab, El-Din Taher Salah, The Recovery and Molecular Diagnosis of Mycoplasma gallisepticum Infection in Commercial Poultry Flock in Egypt, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, August 2016, Vol 9(29),
    DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i29/96001.
    Hazem Saleh, Adel Khalil, Taher A. Salaheldin, Omar Abd Lateef. ” Acute Hematologic, Hepatologic and Nephrologic Changes after Intraperitoneal Injections of 18 nm Gold Nanoparticles in Hamsters “. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2016, 11; 2505-2513.
    Gehan MA Abdelmalek, Taher A. Salaheldin. Silver Nanoparticles as a Potent Fungicide for Citrus Phytopathogenic Fungi, Journal of Nanomedicine Research, Volume 3 Issue 5 – 2016.
    Taher A. Salaheldin, Sherif M. Husseiny, Ahmed Elzatahry, Alan H Cowley. Evaluation of the cytotoxic behavior of fungal extracellular synthesized Ag nanoparticles using confocal laser scanning microscope. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17, 329; doi:10.3390/ijms17030329.
    Taher A. Salaheldin, Eman M. Ragheb, In Vivo Nutritional andToxicological Evaluation of Nano Iron fortified biscuits as food supplement for iron deficient anemia, Journal of nanomedcine research, Volume 3 Issue1, 2016.
  • Sobhi M. Gomha , Taher A. Salaheldin, Huwaida M. E. Hassaneen, Hassan M. Abdel-Aziz, Mohammed A. Khedr. Synthesis, Characterization and Molecular Docking of Novel Bioactive Thiazolyl-Thiazole Derivatives as Promising Cytotoxic Antitumor Drug. Molecules 2016, 21(1), 3; doi:10.3390/molecules21010003
    Sherif Moussa Husseiny, Taher A. Salah Eldin, Hend A. Anter. Biosynthesis of size controlled silver nanoparticles by Fusarium oxysporum, their antibacterial and antitumor activities. beni-suef university journal of basic and applied sciences 4 (2015) 225–231.
    Eman I. Hassanen, Reda M.S. Korany, Taher A. Salah Eldin, Adel M. Bakeer. Histopathological and Clinicopathological Studies on Hepatotherapeutic effect of Gold Nanoparticles-Cisplatin Conjugates Against Diethylnitrosamine-Induced Hepatocarcinogenicity in Rats. Egyptian Journal of Comparative Pathology & Clinical Pathology, Vol (28) No. 1, 2015; 92-102.ISSN: 1110-77537.
    Mona R.El-Ansary, Taher A. Salah Eldin, Ola M. S. Ali, Adel M .Elsayed4, Hisham A. Elshoky. Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Inhibition of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Arthritic Patients. Journal of Nanomedicine Research. Volume 2 Issue 4 – 2015.
  • 32.
  • Samah A Loutfy, Nadia A Al-Ansary , Nour T Abdel-Ghani , Ahmed R Hamed , Mona B Mohamed , James D Craik5 , Taher A. Salah Eldin , Ahmed M Abdellah , Yassmein Hussein , M T M Hasanin , Serag Eldin I Elbehairi, Anti-proliferative Activities of Metallic Nanoparticles in an in Vitro Breast Cancer Model. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, Vol 16, 2015
    M.W. Khalil, Taher A. Salah Eldin, H.B. Hassan, Kh. El-Sayed, Z. Abdel Hamid. Electrodeposition of Ni–GNS–TiO nanocomposite coatings as anticorrosion film for mild steel in neutral environment. Surface & Coatings Technology 275 (2015) 98–111.
    Abou El-Nasr, M. K., H. M. El-Hennawy, A. M. H. El-Kereamy, A. Abou El-Yazied and T. A. Salah Eldin. Effect of Magnetite Nanoparticles (Fe3O4) as Nutritive Supplement on Pear Saplings, Middle East Journal of Applied Sciences, Volume: 05, Issue: 03, July-Sept., 2015 Pages: 777-785.
    Taher Ahmad Salah Eldin, Gamal Ali Abdel-Hafez Hamady, Mamdouh Abbas AbdelMoneim, Khaled Yehia Farroh, Wael Helmy Moussa El-Reffaei. Nutritional Evaluation of Selenium-methionine Nanocomposite as a Novel Dietary Supplement for Laying Hens. Journal of Animal Health and Production, July 2015, Volume 3, Issue 3 Page 64-72.
    Nadia L. Radwan , T.A. Salah Eldin , A.A. Abd Elaal and Mona A.S.A. Mostafa. Effect of Dietary Nano-Selenium Supplementation on Selenium Content and Oxidative Stability in Table Eggs and Productive Performance of Laying Hens. International Journal of Poultry Science 14 (3): 161-176, 2015.
    N.A. Selim , N.L. Radwan , S.F. Youssef , T.A. Salah Eldin and S. Abo Elwafa. Effect of Inclusion Inorganic, Organic or Nano Selenium Forms in Broiler Diets On:Growth Performance, Carcass and Meat Characteristics, International Journalof Poultry Science 14 (3): 161-176, 2015.
    N.A. Selim , N.L. Radwan , S.F. Youssef , T.A. Salah Eldin and S. Abo Elwafa. Effect of Inclusion Inorganic, Organic or Nano Selenium Forms in Broiler Diets On:Growth Performance, Carcass and Meat Characteristics, International Journal of Poultry Science 14 (3): 135-143, 2015.
    N.A. Selim , N.L. Radwan , S.F. Youssef , T.A. Salah Eldin and S. Abo Elwafa. Effect of Inclusion Inorganic, Organic or Nano Selenium Forms in Broiler Diets On:Physiological, Immunological and Toxicity Statuses of Broiler Chicks, International Journal of Poultry Science 14 (3): 144-155, 2015.
    Mohammad, A. M. ; Salah, T. A.; Hassan, M. a.; El-Anadouli, B. E. Efficient treatment of lead-containing wastewater by hydroxyapatite/chitosan nanostructures. Arabian journal of chemistry Volume 10, Issue 5, July 2017, Pages 683-690.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.arabjc.2014.12.016
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    Elzatahry, A. a.; El-Din, T. S. A.; Elsayed, E. A.; Aldhayan, D. M.; Wadaan, M. a. M.; Al-Enizi, A. M.; Al-Deyab, S. S. Au/Ag Core–Shell/Zeolite Nanocomposites with Antimicrobial Activity. Sci. Adv. Mater. 2014, 6, 1531–1534.
    Gomha, S. M.; Salah, T. A.; Abdelhamid, A. O. Synthesis, characterization, and pharmacological evaluation of some novel thiadiazoles and thiazoles incorporating pyrazole moiety as anticancer agents. Monatshefte für Chemie – Chem. Mon. January 2015, Volume 146, Issue 1, pp 149–158
    Ali, M. A.; Eldin, T. A. S.; Moghazy, G. M. El; Tork, I. M.; Omara, I. I. Detection of E . coli O157 : H7 in feed samples using gold nanoparticles sensor. Int. J. curr.Microbiol. App.Sci. 2014, 3, 697–708.
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  • 47.
  • Hady, H. A.-E.; El-Said, W.; El-Enbaawy, M.; A. Salah Eldin, T. Preparation of mecA Biosensor Based On Gold Nanoparticles to Determine Methicillin Resistant
    Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Strains from Human and Animals. IOSR J. Agric. Vet. Sci. 2014, 7, 64–71.
    S. Helal, H.; A. Salah El-Din, T.; E. Ali, A.; H. Hamouda, H.; Zedan, H. Tobramycin-Silver Nanocomposite: A New Trend of Antimicrobials against Resistant Strains. IOSR J. Pharm. Biol. Sci. 2014, 9, 54–61.
    Bassiony, H.; Sabet, S.; Salah El-Din, T. A; Mohamed, M. M.; El-Ghor, A. a Magnetite nanoparticles inhibit tumor growth and upregulate the expression of p53/p16 in ehrlich solid carcinoma bearing mice. PLoS One 2014, 9, e111960.
    Gomaa, I. O.; Hashem, M.; Kader, A.; Eldin, T. A. S.; Heikal, O. A. Evaluation of in vitro mutagenicity and genotoxicity of magnetite nanoparticles. Drug Discov. Ther. 2013, 7, 116–123.
    Khater, M. S.; El-Din, T. A. S.; Elzatahry, A.; Sallam, S. Z.; Youssef, T. A Study on The Effect of Different Light Treatment on Some Morphological, Physiological Parameters and Menthol Content of Mentha Piperita. Life Sci. J. 2013, 10, 2092–2098.
    Salah, T. A.; Khater, M. S.; Sallam, S. Z.; Youssef, T. Effect of Foliar Spraying using Ascorbic Acid , Sodium Bicarbonate and Iron ( III ) Chloride on Mentha Piperita under Different Lights Exposure. Eur. J. Sci. Res. Sci. Res. 2013, 116, 365–378.
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  • Taher A. Salah Eldin Ali and Hossam Saleh, (2012).” Mammalian Safety Dose Assessment of Magnetic–Optical Nanocomposite: Nanotoxicological Assessment of Magnetite Nanoparticles”, Lambert Academic Pulpisher, ISBN: 978-3-659-24130-7 OpticalNanocomposite/dp/365924130X
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    Taher A. Salah, Mona B. Mohamed, Hosam Kamel, Mahmoud H Abdel Kader, MAGNETITE NANOPARTICLES AS A SINGLE DOSE TREATMENT FOR IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA, , , WIPO Patent Application WO/2010/034319, April 01, 2010.
  1. Taher A. Salah, Mona B. Mohamed, Hosam Kamel, Mahmoud H Abdel Kader,MAGNETITE NANOPARTICLES AS A SINGLE DOSE TREATMENT FOR IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA, WIPO Patent Application WO/2010/034319, April 01, 2010.


First Class award if Excellence, Scientific excellency, President of Egypt, Egypt
Honor award
Non-profit participation in scientific project evaluation,Misr El-kheer Association Egypt
Honor award Innovative participation in Egyptian society development. FAO & WHO Egypt
Incentive State Award, Role in development in advanced sciences-Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
Bronze Medal of Science invention of Magnetic nanoparticles as a single dose treatment for iron deficiency anemia Korea International Woman’s Invention Exposition, (KIPO) and (KWIA) South Korea
Golden Medal of research, Highest cited paper-Commercial Fraud and Counterfeiting. KSA

Professional Organizations
  • 1.-Member in veterinary Biotechnology Research Council, Cairo University, Egypt.
    2- Member in the Egyptian Nanotechnology Network, Egypt.
    3- Member in European Photobiology society
    4- Member in Egyptian Nutritional society, Egypt.
    5- Member in Agricultural researcher Society, Egypt.
    6- Member in the Arab association for Industry, Arab League
    7- Member in the American Chemical Society, USA (Member Number: 30132276)
    8- Member in the Nanotechnology Committee, Egyptian Organization for Standards & Quality
    9- Member in Misr El-Kheer scientific Committee, Egypt
    10- Editor for Journal of Nanomedicine Research, USA (
    11- Editor for Arabian Journal of Chemistry.
    12- Reviewer for more than 20 international journal
    13- Reviewer for STDF, Scientific Research Academy, Egypt.
    14- Former consultant for Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), August 2014- July 2015
Previous Positions or Appointments
  • 2019 – current
    Senior Nanotechnology Scientist, Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Rensselaer, NY. USA.
  • 2016 – 2019
    Full time Associate Prof. of Nanobiotechnology and director of Nanotechnology Research Center, British University in Egypt.
  • 2009 – 2016
    Associate Professor of Nanotechnology and director of Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials Central Lab (NAMCL)
  • 2011- 2014
    Part time assistant professor, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt. Teaching course: Nanobiotechnology.
  • 2011- 2018
    Part time Assistant professor, National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt. Teaching courses: Biochemistry, Photochemistry and Photobiology, Nano biotechnology.
  • 2008-2009
    Research Scholar, Georgia Tech., Atlanta (USA): Biosynthesis and characterization of Nanomaterials/Metallic Nanomaterials for Biochemical & Biological application.
  • 2000-2008
    Researcher & Deputy of Biological Fluids Laboratory, Agricultural Research Center (Egypt): Biochemical and diagnostic research.

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