Welcome to PRI

Founded in 2002, the Pharmaceutical Research Institute (PRI) at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a center for drug discovery and development.

PRI investigators possess expertise in fields that include nanotechnology, medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology.

Areas of focus include: hematology/oncology, cardiovascular (dyslipidemia), ophthalmology, vascular diseases, neurology, and inflammation.

As part of its mission, PRI is also engaged in teaching and learning. Pharmacy students, graduate students, and visiting scholars from around the world visit the Institute to conduct research and learn the latest advances across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Recent Publications

  • Nano-Targeted Delivery of Toremifene, an Estrogen Receptor-alpha Blocker in Prostate Cancer

    Estrogen Receptor-α (ERα) expression is increased in prostate cancer and acts as an oncogene. We propose that blocking of estrogen hormone binding to ERα using the ERα blocker toremifene will reduce the tumorigenicity of prostate cancer, and nano-targeted delivery of toremifene will improve anti-cancer efficacy. We report the synthesis and use in an orthotopic mouse model of PLGA-PEG nanoparticles encapsulating toremifene and nanoparticles encapsulating toremifene that are also conjugated to anti-PSMA for targeted prostate tumor delivery.

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  • Modulation of Sickle Red Blood Cell Adhesion and its Associated Changes in Biomarkers by Sulfated Nonanticoagulant Heparin Derivative

    This study compares the inhibitory effect of a sulfated non-anticoagulant heparin (S-NACH) derivative with a low molecular weight heparin, tinzaparin, on the adhesion of sickle RBCs to endothelium. S-NACH exhibits minimum effects on hemostasis and bleeding and interferes with the binding of pancreatic cancer cells to endothelial cells via P-selectin.

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